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I think I bitched about the fact that I lost my adderall in a post a little bit back or something but anyways, I only had two left come monday, and I took one Monday morning. At bowling monday night I was really down apparently, some people that I was there with said I seemed depressed and out of it. Tuesday morning i took my other pill and then last night after volleyball i started feeling the same way. I realized it was because the adderall was wearing off so I just decided to go home. Drinking when I come down from that was never a good thing in Columbia. It's how our garage ended up with so many holes in it.

Volleyball went fairly well, I had a lot of digs, and A LOT of almost digs where I ended up on the floor because I was diving to get the ball. What sucks is that we are taking a session off but that might be a good thing because my shoulder definitely needs the rest. I haven't played softball but once in the past 2 weeks and I didn't play outfield so I don't know how it will react to that but I get to find out tonight. I hope it is fine, I guess we will see. Since it is hindering bowling if it doesnt feel at least 90% tonight I'm probably going to try and get an MRI as soon as possible. :/

oh well. good note that I totally forgot to say in the first paragraph, I found my bottle of adderall. After I went home last night I seperated my laundry because i was depressed and my rooms floor made me even more depressed so I started seperating it and boom it fell out of the clothes i took to my aunts house on the 4th.. GO ME... yay for being a lazy ass and not doing laundry in a week.

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