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Do any of my friends ever use this thing any more?

my turn to bitch.

As I mentioned before I had a herniated disc around my L5-S1 vertebrae. I had to get surgery, which took place on Friday.

I have to say I am very disappointed with a lot of people. I just started hanging out with a girl named Megan.
She came over on Sunday and hung out with me for a little while.
One of my good friends Stacy made plans to come hang out for a little bit on Monday and bring me lunch. A buddy of mine from work, Amos, came over Monday around lunch time and helped me fix something with my laptop, needless to say we made Stacy bring him lunch too :)

So Monday I asked Andy, one of my best friends, if he would pick me up a mouse for my Snake so he doesn't starve, and he brought it over. He ended up staying for a tiny bit and hanging out.

Other than that only like 3 or 4 people have called to see how I'm doing. A few others have text me. Any other "how are you doings" came via facebook or myspace.

This is really kind of depressing.... I don't care how fucking busy my life is if one of my friends had the surgery I had and couldn't do anything, were stuck on their couch for 2 weeks maybe longer I would take time to go visit them. The first couple days out of the hospital are when you need someone the most. when you are too sore to move, too sore to reach for the medicine bottle and water so that you can take the meds to relieve the pain.

I'm glad though. Now I know what friends of mine I will visit when they need me.

This isn't really bothering me all that much. I'm very cold and independent. I'm writing this because if your friend has surgery or something, make sure you are there for them. and don't just say "if you need anything let me know" go fucking visit them and make sure they are doing ok, make sure they have someone there for them.


Well I seem to have herniated a disc around my L5 vertebra.

Saturday August 2nd I was on a float trip and I tried to pick a friend up to dunk him and I felt my back pop a couple times. It was kind of tight the next couple days.

I played softball that Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday night and Sunday. On Sunday I tried to make a play and twisted really hard and it hurt very bad after that. I have a really high pain tolerance and I was asking my mom for pain medicine.

My chiropractor was out of town that week so I held off, thinking that I just pinched my siatic nerve and he would help.

The next week I went to the chiro Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. It wasn't helping so I went to my physician. Sent me to get an MRI right away, and I saw specialist on the following Wednesday(last week). She put me on steroids and scheduled an appointment for a cortisome?spelling? shot, or at least that's what I think it was. If that doesn't make the herniation retract the the only other option is surgery.

Basically the herniation has cause me to have foot drop, which means that I can't put pressure of any sort on my left heel/ankle without my foot "dropping" straight to the ground. If I am standing I can't lift my toes off of the ground, if I'm laying down and pull my toes up they don't come up as high as my right foot.

So at the ripe young age of 24 I might have to undergo back surgery. scary shit.
so .... i broke my knee cap last night
that is all.


Softball was fun last night. I hit a home run. I'm fairly quick so when I rounded first base and the ball was still a decent away from the outfielders I stopped sprinting and jogged all the way home. I wasn't even out of breath and I still almost caught the person on first base, and she isn't slow at all.

Bowling was good... well ok. I bowled a 150 and a 178 which is getting closer to my average. Gina came out and we bowled 2 games after league play. she beat me the first game, I bowled a 130 I think? but then I beat her the second game. She still had a better average on both games though.

We are going to dinner and see harry potter tonight. I didn't sleep well at all last night :/ and my head hurts because of it.

Andy, Colin, and I saw transformers again on Sunday, well I saw it again it was the first time they saw it. The fight scenes were even more amazing the second time seeing it and Megan Fox was still hot as hell.


I think I bitched about the fact that I lost my adderall in a post a little bit back or something but anyways, I only had two left come monday, and I took one Monday morning. At bowling monday night I was really down apparently, some people that I was there with said I seemed depressed and out of it. Tuesday morning i took my other pill and then last night after volleyball i started feeling the same way. I realized it was because the adderall was wearing off so I just decided to go home. Drinking when I come down from that was never a good thing in Columbia. It's how our garage ended up with so many holes in it.

Volleyball went fairly well, I had a lot of digs, and A LOT of almost digs where I ended up on the floor because I was diving to get the ball. What sucks is that we are taking a session off but that might be a good thing because my shoulder definitely needs the rest. I haven't played softball but once in the past 2 weeks and I didn't play outfield so I don't know how it will react to that but I get to find out tonight. I hope it is fine, I guess we will see. Since it is hindering bowling if it doesnt feel at least 90% tonight I'm probably going to try and get an MRI as soon as possible. :/

oh well. good note that I totally forgot to say in the first paragraph, I found my bottle of adderall. After I went home last night I seperated my laundry because i was depressed and my rooms floor made me even more depressed so I started seperating it and boom it fell out of the clothes i took to my aunts house on the 4th.. GO ME... yay for being a lazy ass and not doing laundry in a week.
Bowling went better last night. Last summer I bowled in my first league. I started with an 140 avg and then raised my avg to around 188. after the first 4 weeks of this league my avg was 134 or something horrible like that. Last night I bowled over 140 both times. Which was still aggravating but a lot better. I bowled a lot of spares my second game but I'm hardly throwing strikes. I blame this all on my shoulder being really fucked up right now. I don't know what is wrong but like randomly during the day it will just start hurting like a pinched nerve. sometimes my arm goes completely cold like for no reason at all... i have no idea. my physician said that it has good motion and seems fine but I think i need to go to someone else and see whats up :/.
/end rant

Mar. 28th, 2005


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